Katie's First Day of School

One hot summer day Katie was very happy because it was her last day in fourth grade. She got up at 7:00am so that she would have lots of time to get ready for her last day. She loved her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. North, but she knew she couldn't stay in fourth grade forever.

After her last day, she could not wait for fifth grade tomorrow. She could not sleep that night. The next day she almost ran to school. Her teacher's name was Mrs. Wiley. She seemed to be nice. She only gave two pages of homework a night. Katie was happy she had such a nice teacher.

That afternoon, Katie's parents said they had a surprise for her. Katie said, "Cool!"

Katie's parents led her to the biggest meadow in town. Walking, it took half an hour to get there. She saw the most beautiful dog and bird ever! That is what her parents put there. But there was something else that was unexpected by everyone.

More coming soon ...

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